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TE4040 400x400mm high precision table moving cnc router metal aluminum 3d mold carving mini router cnc

TE4040 Features

TE4040 3 axis CNC mould making machine is a full cast iron body with high stability and durability. It is professional for soft metal engraving, cutting, drilling and milling, mainly used small parts metal processing.

The bed, column, table, and gantry are cast iron structural parts. High temperature annealing before processing, after semi-finishing, two annealing to eliminate stress, and then finishing, can ensure the stability of machine's accuracy.

No control box, the main parts are inside the machine, it can greatly save space. Dust-proof design, perfect to keep the inside of the machine clean.

X, Y, Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission, ensure the accuracy of the machine. Imported Taiwan HIWIN 20mm square rails, improve accuracy. What’s more, the working method is table moving, gantry fixed, which make the accuracy of machine more high. In a word, this is a high precision CNC machine.

The machine adopts Mach3 control system, connect to computer via USB port or network cable port, the programming is simple and the operation is convenient. Artcam design software, well compatibility, compatible for software CAD/CAM, such as type3/artcam/JDPaint/proe/ug. etc.

The machine adopts a high-speed water-cooled spindle with constant power, large torque, strong cutting force, high frequency and long life. And equipped with water tank for cooling the spindle and protect it. When processing metal, can work for a long time.

TE4040 3 axis CNC mould making machine is suitable for processing high-precision mould. It can carve cut drill and mill various materials such as aluminium, copper, soft steel, wood, plastic, etc.

Changsheng 1.5kw water cooling spindle, a well-known brand in China. The rotating speed is 0-24000rpm/min, with good stability and high cost performance.

Oil lubrication, there are two kinds of automatic and manual. Make the machine run smoothly and improve accuracy.

Flashlight, help you work normally at night.

T-slot table, full cast iron, very strong and stable.

Leadshine M860 driver, 6N/S, low price, high performance.

Fuling inverter, driven by the spindle motor of the engraving machine, make it runs smoothly and the speed changes smoothly.